Hyundai HL740-3 Wheel Loader

The Model

I got the idea to build this machine while waiting for tires and wheels for my trucks. As you can see from the picture on my Introduction page, I had some wheels so I built one in 1/16 scale.

I wasn't satisfied with this model because it was not in the scale I wanted to build my trucks in. It was not a true model because it was too small to put the articulated joint in it.

I have all the information to build another wheel loader but after a lot of searching on the Internet and ebay I found a set of wheels suitable for 1/13 scale. The only way I could see to build an articulated vehicle was to use a turntable, which I took from the kit 8419 Excavator. The hardest part with the turntable was to get it mounted in the body of the loader so it would be strong enough to take the weight and so the bricks would not separate. The rest of the body was quite simple. The cab was a little tricky to build; as it is 1 stud wider than the main part of the body.

The next step was to make working differentials and run a drive shaft through the center of the turntable. This gave me many hours of trial and error of getting it to work and still turn and rotate in the middle. I finally succeeded after breaking a couple of the 12-tooth differential gears trying to get both differentials working together.

You can see how the articulated joint works, keeping all four tires on the ground.

Then of course there had to be a way to steer this vehicle. Although I don't have any pneumatics, I made pieces that look like cylinders for steering. Also the bucket is operated manually and I did the same for this with (imitation) hydraulic cylinders.

I think it turned out pretty well and will look nice with the Dump Truck.