European Design Truck

I wanted to go a little out of my realm and try something different. I've seen this on Facebook and said why not. I found instructions by Lucio Switch for it and built it up in what ever colors I could find that I had.

I built it first in red and it used every spare piece I had. I tried yellow and black, there were some pieces that I didn't have so I went back to red which meant taking apart some models I have built.

I tried to make it fully remote control but that fell short because of the weight, I just couldn't keep things together. I changed the air system to lift cab only, I didn't put it on the rear ends like the instructions.

I only use one battery box and one receiver to run the steering (which also turns the steering wheel) and the air system and I must say the cab lifts very easily.

The steering wheel and mirrors had to be changed because they were too far out of scale for this size truck.

I am very happy with it, it is huge and very heavy and it uses around 4500 pieces. Can't wait for the next show to display it.
The smaller truck is the size I usually build. This will just give the comparison to size. I have to say it is huge.