This is the newest set in my collection. If you have read some of my other descriptions of units that I have built, you probably know that I like to modify them. This kit is a fun build but some things I just have to modify.
This first photo is of the many pieces (or elements as Lego calls them) included in this kit. Some of the pictures will be hard to distinguish because of the black pieces used. From what I understand, this is Lego's biggest Technic kit to date with 2793 pieces.
These four images are of the front two axles and the outriggers assembled as units and joined together.
The next image to the right has been modified from the kit. The #5 axles and joiners have been removed and replaced with #6 axles. The # 3 liftarms were removed and #2 arms used, this will bring the wheels in closer to the frame as you will see with the tires and wheels.
I the first photo, the five pieces in the center of the tires are not used in the kit. The three black double pins are used as spacers between the wheels to keep the tires from touching and the other two pieces are just a hub cover for added touch. With these two modifications the tires don't stick out any farther than from the kit.
Here the tires and wheels installed and the fenders are assembled and put in place.
Lego makes the hoses so long that they are clumsy looking so I shortened them to just fit.

The black hose trimmed to 9.5 inches, the gray hose trimmed to 6.5 inches

The black hose trimmed to 8.5 inches, the gray hose trimmed to 9 inches.
Black hose trimmed to 8.75 inches, the gray hose trimmed to 8.25inches. As you can see the hoses now fit nice and tight.
Here the labels for the controls are placed. The only problem here is that they are not all on the same side of the truck, which makes it harder to operate.
These photos are just straight forward instructions of the boom and buckets assembled and placed on the truck frame with no modifications.
The front end and cab assembled and installed on the frame with no modifications.