Black Beauty

Here is another American truck with a little different design than the previous trucks I’ve been building. I wanted to use black as I haven’t built one in this color yet and use a color that would really stand out as a trim color. So red was the color and which I had the most of without ordering a lot of extra pieces.
There are no power functions on this model because the places where we display our Lego at shows usually haven’t enough room to operate them.
Most of the cab and sleeper build come from a truck designed by Ingmar Spijkhoven. Now that I’ve seen some of his building techniques, I better understand how you can put sections together easily. Also I am finding more different pieces (or as Lego calls them, “elements”) that I didn’t know existed.
The truck is also outfitted with frame-mounted fuel tanks, steps and air tanks. I am trying something different on this one, a black grill, black front bumper, black sunvisor, and black mirrors, also doors open which didn't on previous models.
The frame is a straight forward build, the front axle is a bit different in that it has shocks added. The rear axles are different in that it has only one drive shaft; Ingmar’s builds have two drive shafts.
A few trailers I’ve previously built.