International Paystar 5000 Dump Truck

This is another truck from my plastic model kit collection. I built this truck for a model show competition but the show got cancelled right after the truck was finished. I have shown this truck at a Father's Day Show and Shine Car Show only once. Now is my chance to make one in Lego.

The Model

This truck, as with the International Eagle, also started with the construction of the hood and front fenders first. The first photo above left shows the truck just getting started. After getting ten more wheels and tires I was ready to build this truck. This truck has floatation tires on front so this is going to present a problem; I don't know where to get some. But for now I am still going to build the truck using the 24x43 tires on front. The hood and fenders do not tilt on this truck.

The cab and chassis is pretty straight forward, not a lot of extra detail to build. It has a v8 diesel engine with a turbo charger mounted at the rear of the engine. The large air filter is mounted on the firewall under the hood. The exhaust pipe goes down the back of the engine to the single muffler mounted on the right side of the cab.

The rear differentials are both functional and turn the driveshaft to the transmission. The hydraulics for the dump box are mounted on the frame behind the cab. Since the dump box is so heavy, it has to be positioned manually.

The inside of the cab is very bare; it has only one seat for the driver. As this is a construction truck, I suppose one seat is enough. The cab is completed with opening doors, west coast mirrors, cb antennas, dual air horns, and marker lights on the roof.

I did find a set of tires to use as floatation tires from set 8651 that will work perfectly. These tires are almost the width of two of the 24x43 tires put together. The rims are different but with model team centers, they will look okay.

The Trailer

This trailer is made from my imagination from the trailers I've seen that the construction contractors have around here hauling backhoes, front-end loaders, and small dozers. For this I used the 20x30 wheels and tires with straight axles.

There are no electrical or pneumatic functions on this trailer. I think this adds for a nice compliment to the dump truck. The wheel loader is described in Other Equipment on this web site.

Click here to see runaway loader during photo shoot.(There are three videos there posted by "midding").