Peterbilt Tractor with Oversize Load Trailer and Pusher

After building the Australian Elphinstone easy loader road train trailers, my friend came up with some information on the oversize load trailers. The one that really caught my eye was the ones from the Diamond Heavy Haul Inc. in Ohio, USA. I checked out their website and watched some videos on You Tube and decided this was one piece of equipment to try and build.

The Tractor

This is just a straightforward build truck without power functions. Because this model would be just too long to try and maneuver around on a table, I only put flashing lights on it. The only difference in this truck is it has three rear axles with the front one liftable.

The Trailer combination

Since this model has twenty axles, (78 tires) I chose the doublewide deck without doublewide dollies/trailers because of the amount of tires and wheels in my collection. I did buy another 32 tires and wheels to put on this model.
Because the main deck is so long there is some sagging so I place some bricks under the middle for support. I used the large turntables for the pivot points, which makes a stronger point for the trailers and the main deck. The cross supports on the front and rear portions of the deck were attached with the use of hinge plates. The deck on the real trailer raises and lowers at each end but where this is only a model for display only, and really long, I didn’t put anything in.

The Pusher

This vehicle is like a backwards truck without the cab. The engine is at the back with a cover over it. It is needed to push and to control steering around sharp corners like intersections. It also has a small deck where an operator can control operations such as steering, lifting, and pushing. Sometimes depending on weight they may use more than one tractor up front and one or more behind for pushing.

The length of this model is approximately eight feet.