Dump Truck from kit # 8258

I have seen many modifications of this crane truck, even I have modified it a couple of years ago. This modification does not use the crane but has other things done different than I did in the crane truck.
This truck is also remote controlled but done different than the crane truck. It is powered with a small PF motor placed in the middle of the frame. The engine is also powered from this motor but with gear reduction that makes it turn very fast. The steering is done with a small PF motor too, same as the crane truck
The dump is operated with one linear actuator. I would like to have put two in but lack of space prevented that. The dump box is fairly heavy so it needs a little help when it starts to lift.
One more function I have added is the trailer ramps work from a small motor, which is mounted in the frame of the truck. The interior of the truck is changed. The seats remade and they don’t look like they are stuck to a wall like in the kit.

The trailer

The trailer is just a three-axle model used to haul light construction equipment like the Lego loader (kit # 8265). The rear ramps are powered from the dump truck and work really well.