Elphinstone Easyloader Road Train

The road train trailer(s), which is used in Austrailia, caught my eye when first seen on Brickshelf. Ingmar Spijkhoven built it and placed it on Brickshelf, a website where you can upload your pictures for free for the world to see without having to pay for a website. Although my version looks similar to his, the mechanics of mine are different from his. I don’t know exactly how he made some of his work but on this one I used my design.
As you can see the log trailer is in three sections.
The first part can haul the rest of the trailer when not loaded with logs. This part of the trailer gave me a lot of trouble to make work for strength when loading the rear sections and to do it smoothly. I started out with Lego chain links but they kept coming apart so I used a string that won’t stretch which works very well. Next was to get the log stakes to move back and forward when loading and unloading the trailer.
The middle section was easy, as it has no functions in it.
The back section came together very easily except for getting the log stakes to lie down when loading. With the use of gearing and rubber bands, I found a way to get it to work and have some slippage because the stakes will lie down long before the section is fully moved ahead. A small PF motor is mounted in the rear section and a long wire is used to run up to the receiver that is installed on front of the front section. Another small PF motor is mounted on the front section to operate and pull the rear sections forward.
The truck/tractor used to pull the trailer is another one of Ingmar’s designs with a few of my own modifications and is also remote controlled.
This trailer is a big attention getter at all the shows I’ve taken it to.