Series 144 Scania

The model I based this truck on. I have this model in my collection of plastic model kits that I assembled a few years ago. So I thought I would make one out of Lego.

The Model

This is a model of a Scania 144L. I do not know much about European trucks but I think the model is detailed enough to build one in 1/13 scale.

This truck started with the front bumper. Also I found that the frame is not straight from front to rear. The front is wider than the rear, in Lego terms about one stud wider. This presented quite a problem throughout nearly the whole assembly of this truck, but I did it.

A funny thing happened while I was building this truck. I had the outside of the cab almost finished when I thought I had better try it on the chassis to see if there was any changes to be made. I just used some regular Lego hood hinges and when I tilted the cab, the whole front end fell off because of the weight. Needless to say, I had to rebuild the front end for more strength.

The front of the cab has a hood, which opens so you can check some fluids. Also this hood has to be opened before tilting the cab.

This truck is also completed with a rear-working differential. It has a powerful v8 diesel engine, but it does not have moving pistons. This may come in later models, but for now I do not have the parts. There is a single fuel tank on the driver's side, muffler on the right side behind the cab, and a tail pipe that goes across to driver's side underneath the frame.The spare tire is under the right side frame, and there are covers on both sides that hide the spare tire and fuel tank. The engine fan also turns from the rear wheels. It has steerable front wheels. The doors and side compartments on the cab also open.

The interior is finished with high back seats, curved dash and tilt steering wheel. It has a single bunk bed with storage space underneath, and storage space above the windshield.

All the stickers and labels you see on this truck were made on my computer using Corel7, a drawing program.


Although we don't see this make of truck on our roads, I think it turned out pretty well. I think the European trucks are a little easier to build because they aren't as streamlined as the North American trucks. Like I said once before, it is hard to make something round out of square brick.

Details of model:

Length 45.6cm

Width 23.7cm

Height 29.2cm

Wheel Base 27.5

Date December 2005

Note: As I said, this truck is based on another model, so the specs shown may not relate exactly to the real truck.