Freightliner Tow Truck

I got the inspiration for building this truck from some tow trucks shown on Brickshelf. I knew from the beginning of this project that it was not going to be easy. This is not any one particular design, just one I put together from the different designs that I have seen.
During the first part of the project I could not decide if I should use air or do it all with power functions, both are expensive. Since I have most of the power functions pieces needed, this was the way to go.
The cab again is one of Ingmar’s designs. The rest of the build would be done with very few studs up.
The boom was the most difficult to mount and make operate. First I needed an old design of the turntable, one that mounts to the basic brick, because the turntables in Technic are different. Technic and basic Lego are not much compatible. With the use of Technic liftarms I was able to mount it close to the turntable. This made it easier to make the linear actuators to install and work to raise and lower the boom. To make the boom extend took a few design changes also. Next was to put the motor in so the boom would rotate smoothly.
The rear stabilizers use the mini actuators with the motor mounted inside the frame and as low as possible. The front stabilizers are mounted near the sleeper which extend with the help of rubber bands so as to not pull everything apart when pulled in, causing slippage, works very well. The small lift at the back is also fitted with a mini actuator and the regular actuator and the motors are located within the frame. The boom movements are operated by polarity switches located on the driver’s side of the truck, all other movements are remote controlled.
Good thing the sleeper is big because now I need to mount three receivers and the battery pack. It is a tight squeeze but everything is in there. I made the roof of the sleeper with as few studs up as possible so it can be removed to change batteries. Right now a recharable battery pack would be nice, but too expensive at this time. Hey even chrome would be very nice!
One thing I didn’t do on this truck like real ones is making the first set of duals raise; mainly due to lack of space and that the truck is really heavy now. It took me seven to eight months to build this, and I am very happy with the overall results of the truck, I think it looks really sharp.