An American truck with lowloader

After building Han’s truck and low loader, I found another low loader trailer on Brickshelf designed by Ingmar Spijkhoven, which I liked very much. I down loaded most of the pictures and ordered all the pieces I needed to build it.

The Tractor

This truck is another one of Ingmar’s creations with a different setup. I used his cab and some steering features; also the frame is very much the same. The rear differentials are a different setup, using a walking beam type suspension. The colors yellow and black were used to fit in with my fleet of trucks.

The trailer

I liked Ingmar’s trailer so much that I built one almost identical to his. The detachable gooseneck on the trailer has an added floor design for carrying some attachments for the trailer. I like the idea that it can be remote controlled for detaching the gooseneck and the locking pins that hold the trailer and gooseneck together. The gooseneck is powered from the truck’s battery. The trailer also has liftable rear axle.


The little tag trailer behind the low loader is used to help distribute weight and a place to put my battery pack used to operate the trailer.