An American Truck with Reefer

I first saw this truck on brickshelf and decided that I would build one just like or similar to it. Ingmar Spijkhoven from the Netherlands originally designed the truck. Although there are no instructions, this is my version of that particular truck.

The Tractor

There are a lot of hidden problems with building this type of vehicle. The engine hood gave me a lot of headaches because of the design. Looking at his pictures and trying to connect brick from three different angles wasn’t easy.
The cab and the sleeper was also a challenge to keep together through the build. In fact, I did not know that a lot of the pieces were available until I saw Ingmar’s truck. My truck is not identical to his and it was not intended to be. I just wanted a truck that looked like his.
The rear differentials were a little brain teasing to get to fit and work with working suspension. I would like to have had chrome parts but they are way too costly at this time. As of now there are on power functions on this model so the rest of the build was pretty straightforward.

The Trailer

The trailer is a tri-axle reefer also without any power functions and working suspension on all axles. This build also had hidden problems of how to attach top, bottom, ends and sides together when you know bricks fasten together one way. I am very pleased at the way this project turned out.
This truck and trailer has been to two events so far and has received great response.