Heavy Hauler with jeep dolly low loader trailer with removable gooseneck

This truck was also first seen on Brickshelf and designed by Designer-Han. After multiple orders on Bricklink, I have built the truck and here it is. The jeep dolly is an added piece from another truck designed by Ingmar Spijkhoven from the Netherlands.

The Tractor

Although I did not design this truck, I made a lot of changes to it. I have changed it to a Scania to make it one of my fleet vehicles. If you have seen Han’s truck, it was red and black, I wanted yellow instead. The truck can be used two ways, with or without remote. The fifth wheel had to be changed because the jeep dolly is not that high. Also I use the smaller PF motor to drive the truck instead of the bigger one Han used. I changed the gearing so the truck runs a little slower. And yes the smaller motor will pull the entire load without any problem.

The jeep dolly

Ingmar first designed this dolly but if you have seen any of my projects you know I have to modify it. It wasn’t high enough to fit the truck so I had to overcome that and also changed the fifth wheel to a turntable because other assembled fifth wheels used to come apart due to the weight of the gooseneck. I’ve also managed to build a workable suspension underneath. It is really nice to actually see the dolly sink under the heavy loads just like a real vehicle.

Removable gooseneck

I liked the pneumatics on Han’s build but I also like the remote version on Ingmar’s so I put the two together. It can receive its power from the battery pack on the truck. The gooseneck had to be modified to work with the dolly and the truck.

Low loader trailer

Han also designed this trailer and the biggest change here is the color scheme, yellow and black instead of red and black. Another change is the way the gooseneck is locked to the trailer. Instead of using push in pins it uses push out pins from the center of the trailer activated by a linear actuator with a crank near the front tires on the left side. This trailer bed has extensions for wider loads.

The load on this trailer is Technic kit # 8043, the remote controlled excavator.