Scania with Step Frame Trailer

After putting the big crane truck #8258 together and doing all the modifications to it, there was still something I wanted to do, use this truck as a model for a fleet of trucks. Instead of using red as a base color, I chose yellow and black.
As you can see from the pictures there is not a whole lot of intense construction in this truck. There are a few changes, the front fenders are modified, the cabin doors open, the front is better defined, and it has two rear working differentials.
What gave me the most trouble in this truck was the steering. The gears for the engine to drive the rear wheels and the steering all wanted to be in the same place. With some idlers and a few more gears it worked out.

The Trailer

Now that the truck is built, I need a trailer. A couple of years ago I built a step frame trailer in one thirteenth scale so I thought I could down scale it to fit this truck.

As the draw bar trailer that was with the five-axle dump truck, this one also got its start from Designer-Han. This trailer also had the ramps modified and a third axle added. The folding rear ramps can be operated with a removable handle on either side of the trailer.

There are a couple of different loads seen on this trailer, one is the “B” model of kit # 8043 and the other is the front loader from kit # 8265.

Here are some fleet pictures.