Five Axle Dump Truck

I am always looking for something new to build especially in trucks but also in construction vehicles too. I came across this truck on Brickshelf and attempted to build one. You can tell a lot from pictures but cannot see a lot of the detail.
I did not design this truck and it is not a kit that the Lego company has made. The credit goes to Designer-Han in the Netherlands for designing and creating this truck. I contacted him and got permission to build it and put it on my website.
I tried to build it three or four times but always kept running out of parts. Finally after multiple orders on Bricklink the pieces are all here and I can actually build the truck to completion.
From the cab forward I have changed a lot of the design and made some color changes throughout the truck. I am also working on a fleet of trucks which will appear on here in the near future.This truck will be in that fleet with at least one other truck that was seen before.
I am not going to go into any great detail as I said I did not design this truck, I just built it. I think it turned out rather well, I’m pleased with it.
The draw bar trailer you see with this truck was designed by Han. The biggest change in this trailer was at the folding ramps. I found they would bind and wouldn,t fold down for me, also I added safety chains to the ramps. The load on the trailer is the B model of the 8043 motorized excavator.