Monster Truck

After doing the Lego fair at Crystal Palace in Moncton, New Brunswick, I decided to make something different for the next Lego show. I had already built the tracked dump truck for GBC’s but I needed something else. I thought how about a monster truck since I already have a set of tires and wheels.
I started with building the differentials first. This was quite a challenge since I wanted a solid axle at each end and a top mounted drive and of course there has to be steering at each axle. Also since the truck and wheels are so heavy there has to be a stabilizer at each axle otherwise the front wheels would point outwards and rear inwards.
The frame is another story because most of the Lego only works perpendicular and not with angles. After a lot of trial and error the frame came together although there is a little strain on some of the pieces. The driveshafts are mounted high with only one u-joint and the steering shafts are mounted lower with two u-joints each.
The body was a bit of a challenge, as it now has to fit the wheels and frame. Being technic the body is full of holes and empty spaces so I used Lego plate to fill in.
It is finished off with a V-8 engine, blower, exhaust stacks pointing upwards, single driver’s seat, roll cage, and a fuel cell mounted on the rear of the frame.
Now that the truck is built the steering is a bit sloppy because the truck is so heavy but overall I think it turned out well..