Remote Control Excavator

Since I am so involved with GBC’s I need a machine to load/start the line. Technic has an excavator #8294 and they only put one motor in it with a switch and shifter. I want one that is remote control.
To make the shovel work was relatively easy. I installed the motor like in the Lego instructions and installed another motor along side of that one. Then I removed the shifter. Now I can make the shovel work without touching the machine. By the way, the wheel on back of the kit excavator moved rather stiff.
One more major hurdle to overcome was to be able to rotate the machine. With the Lego instructions, the battery pack was mounted underneath. I mounted a power functions motor where the battery pack used to be and some gears to rotate the turntable. The hardest part to this task was to keep everything tight enough. The gears kept separating from each other.
The back end had to be redone in order to mount two IR receivers and the battery pack. Believe me I didn’t get this all together the first time around. Numerous times I took this thing apart and modified what I had already modified a few times before. It seems to be working okay now.
Working with GBC’s, I didn’t want the excavator to rotate 360 degrees so I put a stop in at 180 degrees, this way it cannot wind up the wires to the motor mounted underneath.