Remote Control Loader

To get away from trucks for a little, I decided to try and RC a front-end loader. It took me hours of thinking how will put two more motors in it, one for forward and reverse and one to steer this machine. This machine is built so tight that there isn’t much room for anything.
While pondering this I started to remote control the bucket. Lego has instructions of how to install one motor in it to raise, lower, and tip the bucket controlled with a shifter. My version is to use that motor to only raise and lower the bucket. Another motor to tip the bucket was installed down under the driver’s seat. Now I can control the bucket without a shifter.

Back to making this machine mobile, first I removed the engine and installed a power functions large electric motor in it’s place. Not the best combination but it does work.
The steering gave me a lot of trouble. With the use of a linear actuator, a small power functions motor, and two universal joints, it was starting to come together. I had to remove the two upper arms from the right rear suspension to make room for the motor. Now I can move it and steer it. Alright!
Well guess what it last for long; I could not keep it together. While mounting the IR receivers I was able to brace and support the motors a lot more. Now it works fine except that it goes a little too fast which right now I can’t seem to do anything about.
The only thing left to do was to give it power. The battery pack had to be mounted behind the driver’s cabin, which is okay for now.
I made a few other changes such as colored pieces and adding the roof lights. Overall I think it turned out pretty well.
I have two front-end loaders built right now one of which I tried to use with the GBC’s but found it was too fast and hard to control. The tracked dump truck will be used now.