Tracked Dump Truck


Since August 09, I have been to a few Lego shows in which the GBC’s (Great ball contraptions) were displayed. Suddenly I was hooked on this type of amusement. I lately have been deeply involved in Technic so this was an avenue I could pursue. For GBC’, I needed a recovery vehicle, some use the hauler #8264, some trains, but I thought I would like something different, a tracked dump truck. I tried making other vehicles but they were too fast.

So how was I going to make this thing and make it work (remote control). The dozer kit #8275 gave me the idea for the tracks, a motor #8882 at each end the same way.
Now I have to make a frame for the cab and dump box to set on. This was not very hard but the electric motors are not in the middle, they are offset so the frame has to go around them.
Here is where I ran into a lot of difficulty, putting in another motor #8883 to raise and lower the dump box. The only way I could see to do this was to run a linear actuator and the motor side by side, as there was no room with the size of the two drive motors.
OK now I need a cab for this monster I’m creating. The cab off the cherry picker #8292 looked like a possible one to modify to fit; also the dump box from the alternative build could be modified to fit.
This vehicle has to be remote control so I fitted two power functions IR receivers #8884 on top of the cab and a battery box #8881 to the back of the cab. The wires are all tucked inside the cab.

With the truck loaded with Lego soccer balls it did not want to dump, the gears at the actuator kept jumping apart. After a couple of hours playing with this problem, I got the gears to stop jumping.