International Eagle

The Real Truck

I have seen this truck setting on the truck lot of the International Dealership for quite some time now never thinking I would try and make one in Lego. After seeing some Lego trucks in 1/13 scale on the Internet, I went to the Dealership and got some information and some pictures. Also I found some other pictures of this truck with some differences and this is what I came up with.

The model

After studying the information, I got started on the model. First thing I had to do was find wheels and tires. I didn't know that the 24x43 tires even existed until I saw them on a web site and where I could get them. Lately a lot of these tires have been on ebay and I got some of them. Since I didn't have much Lego in brown, I decided to build it in a color I have a lot of, red. Most people probably start with the frame first but I didn't. I started with the hood and front fenders. One thing I have learned real quickly is that it is hard to build something round out of square brick. I have rebuilt the hood about 4 times to get the shape I wanted, not too much curve to the front and to set the front axle back in the front fenders, so when the truck is finished, the front wheels are not so far to the front as seen in the picture of the real truck.

The cab and sleeper gave me the same problem, again I had to rebuild this 4 times. It is not exact but I think it turned out pretty good. The cab is completed with opening doors, curved dash, and working sun visors, high back seats with armrests, outside mirrors with cb antennas, outside sun visor.

The sleeper has a bunk and some storage space, outside compartments with opening doors. The dual exhaust pipes and heat shields took some thinking to get mounted, again because of the shape of the Lego brick. There are times when you wish Lego made some pieces that would do what you wanted, but I guess that is what makes this hobby more intriguing and more enjoyable to do, it makes you think for yourself.

The chassis came pretty easy. It has a straight frame front to back with cross members and supports in between. There are two fuel tanks one on each side, two large air tanks behind the left fuel tank, and a large muffler for the exhaust system behind the right fuel tank. The engine is a 6 cylinder Cummings diesel of which I built from some pictures of trucks on the Internet so it may not be exact.

It has both rear working differentials, which drive the shaft to the transmission. The front has a straight axle with steerable wheels. The hardest part was getting the tiltable hood to work without knocking the front bumper off, since the bumper is mounted directly below the front of the hood. The hood has to open without moving forward or rearward just above the bumper.

The stickers and labels on the model are made on my computer with a drawing program.

Details of model:

Length: 59cm

Width: 22.3cm

Height: 28.2cm

Wheel Base: 41cm

Date: November 2005


After building plastic car and truck models for so many years, this has been a real challenge to create a truck out of something completely different. One thing I really like is there is no messing around with paints and glues, although Lego does not make a really wide selection of colors, there is still no painting. Overall I think this truck turned out pretty well. Can't wait to get started on the next one.