Crane Truck from kit #8258

I saw this truck once at a Lego show and decided that I wanted it. This kit is not available in Canada, but I am going to have this truck. After checking the inventory list on peeron I placed several orders on bricklink to get the pieces that I don’t have. Of course, I didn’t get all the pieces I needed the first time.

Eventually I had all the pieces to build this truck, but of course I had to modify it. The truck has single wheels on both rear axles and only one working differential. There are other modifications also that I will show what was done.
Like I said there was only one working differential, which wasn’t good enough, I had to modify and move the motor back one hole to make room for another tan gear like the one in the front of the differential. In order to get the rear diff to work it had to move back another hole. This made the whole back end move back two holes. Now it has tandem rear ends and dual wheels on both rear axles.
My next move was to remote control the forward and rearward motions and steering of this truck. A friend has one and his modifications are too fast for me so I have to try something different. I mounted an electric motor just above the engine to drive the truck.
With six gears down the front of the engine I got power to the rear wheels. This still made the truck move too fast so directly under the engine I put a gear combination in which greatly reduced the speed of the truck, but because of the gear size, I had to disable the engine but the fan still works.
At first I couldn’t keep the motor tight enough and the gears would separate from each other. Then I had to put some braces in and a eleven-hole lift arm piece down the front of the engine supported to the grill and bumper.
Next came the steering, which proved to be very difficult as there isn’t much room to put in anything extra. With the use of a small power functions motor mounted horizontally and a worm gear the steering works great, now I lost the place for the battery pack.
A few more pieces to maneuver around now the battery pack is up higher, which makes it easier to get at to change batteries. The IR receiver is mounted on one side and the stack is now mounted on opposite side.
One more thing I did to this truck. After raising the battery pack the crane won’t rotate 360 degrees, it hits on the power pack so I lengthened the frame just behind the front rear wheels two holes. Now everything works great.
Overall I like this truck with it’s many new to me parts and many functions. I think this truck was built on the European style Scania so I have added some Scania features. See for yourself what they are.