Cabover from kit # 8285

I wanted something different for show at the August 2009 Speed and Sound show that I came up with this idea to modify the cabover tractor which was the alternate build for the towtruck.

Iíve built this truck before but didnít like it. It was just so full of empty spaces that it didnít look good at all. Now I am doing it again only different.

This time the frame was lengthened to add a second working differential and a second front axle. Mounting the second rear axle was very simple but to get the second front axle came with a little more thought, this axle has to steer. After a lot of trial and error and changing a lot pieces around, I finally got it to work. Perfect.

The cab came with a bit of difficulty too. Since I didnít have enough red pieces, the fenders around all the wheels were changed to light gray and because of the thickness of lego, the frame gets a little longer.

The cab gets a floor, sides, and roof filled in, the roof lights modified and a set of warning lights that is almost the width of the roof.

The engine compartment gets a few additions like a radiator, hoses, and exhaust pipes.

There wasnít any room for the fuel tanks on the frame so they got moved up on the frame behind the cab. A spare tire was added to help fill up the space.

It was finished for the show and had great reviews.