I9800 International Log Truck

International logging truck

I got the idea to build this truck from friends looking at my website and saying you should build a log truck. At first I thought it would be easy but the type of truck to use was very difficult to find, at least one that I could build. Most of the trucks used here now are so streamlined and round that building with lego would be almost impossible. Logging is big industry in this area.

The truck

After a lot of searching I found an International I9800 that looked somewhat easy, sort of square and not sloped so much. The fenders headlights and grill gave me the most difficulty, the rest of the cab was easy. The color I chose is green and of course lego has a limited selection of pieces. I didnít make the doors open because of the lack of hinges in this color.

The frame is pretty straight forward with lots of crossmembers for support. I did something different with this truck with the rear differentials, in that they look like the real thing but because of the thickness of the lego pieces, they are not working differentials but has a straight axle through them and they still turn the drive shaft.

There is not a lot to explain about this truck, it just a plain truck with a log loader mounted on the rear of the frame. It has one fuel tank mounted on the right side frame under the cab and a battery box mounted on the left side of the frame under the cab and the steps are attached to them. An oil reservoir tank is mounted behind the fuel tank, it is used for the log loader.

The pup trailer

This type trailer is used extensively here, and I would say it is easier to get around with than a longer trailer, also they can use the truck without the trailer.


August 2008