Tractor/Oil Truck

Here is another truck built from the tow truck kit # 8285. With this one I started it out as a tractor but changed it over to an oil delivery truck.

Yellow was the only other color I had left with the number of pieces needed. As you can see it has red doors on the cab, that is because there were not any yellow doors available to me on anywhere, even bricklink.

Being built from the tow truck kit, there was a problem with the strength of the frame since the wrecker part of the truck was not used, especially when the tank was installed on the truck. Other than strengthening the frame, modifying the cab and engine, there wasn’t any other major changes.

The shape of the tank was a little difficult, since it is smaller than the 1/13 scale trucks I usually build, and the size and or thickness of the regular lego brick. With the use of fifty-two hinges and a lot if inside supports, the tank was formed keeping the sides flat and smooth. The ends of the tank are fastened on top and bottom.

This truck kit is my favorite to rebuild into different truck schemes of all the kits I have in my collection. The kit is easy to modify and add different things to.