Extreme Off Roader 2

I got this set for Christmas (2008). It was a fun build and of course I have to modify it. The biggest modification would be to make this set an actual 4x4. It is hard to explain on here because it took so many hours of trial and error to actually get this thing to work.

I could not use the differential case that came with the kit so I used the same as is in the tow truck. Also I acquired another set which gave me a lot more pieces to work with.

After getting the front and rear differentials working together, I pushed it across my desk and the front wheels pointed outwards. Links had to be added to the front side of the front end just to hold the wheels straight.

Next was how to put the steering system in place. The front differential had to be moved ahead one hole to gain space to put the steering rack. This was a difficult build because the front driveshaft and steering shaft wanted to be in the same place in the center of the vehicle. Now for a modification to a modification. With a few more pieces, I lowered the driveshaft which worked out very well. Only thing is I lost ground clearance at the differentials when vehicle is lowered.

Other things were added like roof light bar with more off road lights, fenders extended, front and rear bumper supports, dual exhaust system, and frame filled in. The battery box is on its side instead of standing up.

After all of these modifications, it is still a pretty wild looking vehicle.

I have done one more modification to this off road vehicle which was the hardest of all. It now has four wheel steering. On most real vehicles with 4-wheel steering, the rear wheels only turn a small portion compared to the front wheels. On this vehicle, because it is off-road), I made the front and rear wheels turn the same amount.

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Dissambly and final count on pieces - 1548 pieces