My FUNKY Towtruck

After having most of my Technic sets assembled for a show in August 08, I decided to disassemble them and keep them separated. Only thing is after seeing all the pieces in separate boxes, I couldnít leave them alone. I started building the tow truck up again only with some different modifications some of which I would carry over to this tow truck.

I started this truck in yellow but quickly found I didnít have enough colored pieces that was needed, thus the color of lime green became the color of choice. I bought another combine harvester kit, and a few orders on Bricklink which gave me the rest of the green pieces I needed.

On this truck, like the one before, I modified the steering, taking the knob off the roof of the cab and made the steering wheel turn by moving the wheels. The steering wheel will turn the wheels but is hard to get at. Also under the hood, the engine was modified too. By removing the steering mechanism that is from the kit, I could put the gears under the cab that will make the engine turn three times faster than driveshaft speed.

The sleeper was removed and that left me with another problem, where to put the mechanism to operate the rear stabilizer system. This was operated from a knob on top of the sleeper. There was enough room to move it back under the wrecker boom and it had to be lined with the use of two universal joints. Perfect!

The only other major changes in this tow truck from the first one that I did is the fuel tanks, air cleaner chambers, front fenders and running boards. That is what I wanted to set this truck apart from the first one.

Here are a few more photos taken of this tow truck. Click on image to enlarge.

I have done a count on the number of pieces in this truck. (2484 pieces)