Tow Truck Technic kit # 8285

Here is another one of my modified kits. It is a very nice kit done in black and red with nice colorful stripes. It took me about twelve hours to build it out of the box. I usually get so involved when building a kit like this that I canít leave it alone until it is done. I wanted it for Christmas 2006 but it wasnít available here at that time so my daughter picked it up in Florida in January for me.

Although this is a very nice kit, I still had to modify it. This time I went full out. I have seventy-five photos of modifications that I have done to the truck.It took me about three weeks to do all these modifications.

First I started with the hood; you could see through it everywhere so I filled in the sides and top and completely changed the front fenders. Under the hood was added a radiator and hoses, bottom of engine filled in, top of engine built up, and pipes at rear of engine to both air filter housing intakes. The air filters had to be moved up one hole to clear fenders when hood was tilted. I also added light bars to the housings.

The cab roof was filled in and the knob for steering the front wheels removed. A floor was added inside the cab and now the seats donít look so far out of place. I added pieces to the doors and changed the door hinge pieces because of another modification with steering. Also I changed the mirrors to gray and the sunviser to black.

By the time I got to the sleeper I was starting to run out of black pieces. On the roof of the sleeper was the knob for raising and lowering the stabilizer legs at the back of the truck, it was taken off ant the top filled in. With some extra gears and other pieces I moved it to the left side panel. In the pictures you can see a couple of u-joints there that do the job now. Both side panels have backs in them now. Rear flood lights sit on top at rear of panels.

The steps to the cab are changed to running boards that reach from fenders to fuel tanks. A light bar is added to each fuel tank. Also pieces are added to the exhausts that go in under the cab to make them look more complete.

A lot of lights were added to the warning light bar above the sleeper.

Most of the pieces that were not red in the wrecker boom I removed and replaced with red and added extra pieces to give it more strength. The rear mud guards were filled in and gray pieces added as trim on the edges, they are also widened because I put a more rugged tire on rear.

Now for the underneath, things get a lot more complicated. I wanted the steering wheel to move with the front wheels. This took me the longest to figure out but I finally got it to work. The rear frame had to be modified so I could mount another working differential. Now the truck has tandem axles. One other major thing I wanted was to make the engine turn faster. With the use of some more gears placed further ahead in the frame, I had an engine that turns three times faster than driveshaft speed. At the back of the frame I changed the taillights and added a cross bar to stiffen up the back.

I think I have most of the modifications that were done explained; take a look at the pictures and you can see most of them.

If anyone has any questions or would like more information about this truck or anything else on my site, feel free to contact me, I would like to hear from you.


  Kit Modified
long black pins 133 204
short black pins 284 469
gears 42 57
axles 200 275
lights 27 95
blue pins 94 141
total pieces 1780 2836