What is New on this Site

December 2017

Avtoros Shaman ATV

February 2012

Iíve decided to add an events page to the website to show off what is really amazing in this area of the world in Lego. I do about 4-5 shows a year and it is amazing the people I meet who are really interested in Lego, even those who do not have a single piece.

March 2011

Heavy Hauler with jeep dolly and low loader trailer with removable gooseneck

October 2010

Scania with Step Frame Trailer 

September 2010

Five Axle Dump Truck

July 2010

New link added to Designer-Han with his impressive technic models with instructions.

April 2010

Monster Truck

March 2010

Remote Control Excavator
Remote Control Loader

February 2010

Crane Truck from kit #8258
My own version of a tracked dump truck to use with GBC's

February 2009

Tractor/Oil truck from kit # 8285

January 2009

Extreme off roader from kit # 8297 

November 2008

Another Towtruck from kit # 8285

September 2008

Projects page changed to Technic showing modified versions of some kits.

August 2007

New link added SeTechnic, French LUG mainly on Technic and Star Wars.

April 2007

Technic Tow Truck kit # 8285 Modified

Peterbilt with Freuhauf flat bed trailer

My list of Lego and Technic updated (set 8285)

February 2007

New truck link added Bartlomiej Madon 1:15 scale lego trucks from Poland

December 2006

My list of Lego and Technic updated (2 sets 8284 and 8289 added)

New Scania with Nooteboom Stepframe trailer

September 2006

I have added a banner for my website.

August 2006

Photos changed and added to International Eagle.

Photos changed and added to International Dump Truck.

Photos changed for Wheel Loader.

Complete list of my Lego and Technic sets.

My Summertime Hobby when lego gets too sticky to handle.