My Summertime Hobby

When Lego is too sticky to play with

I first got into motorcycles when I was eighteen years old. When I started driving it was on a 1966, 125 Jawa motorcycle. I don’t have any pictures if this bike but it was black in color. I drove this bike a year or so then traded it for a car.

About eight years (1978) later, after I married, I bought another motorcycle, a 1978 Honda 185 Twinstar, my first bike with twin cylinders. Around 1980 I had an accident at work so I couldn’t drive the bike that summer. It got sold and I purchased a Honda ATV 3-wheeler.

In 1982, I purchased another bike, a 450 Honda. It was then my wife decided to get her motorcycle license. That year I had three more bikes, a 1981 305, 550, and a 750 Kawasaki LTD’s. We finished the year with the 550 and 750 motorcycles.

After two years my decided she didn’t want to drive them anymore, so I put her bike up for sale but ended up selling mine and driving her bike for the rest of that season.

In 1983, I got the fever for another bike, an 1100 Honda Interstate touring bike. In the fall of that year the person working at the Honda Dealership was getting laid off so he called to see if I was interested in buying his bike. In November of that year I bought the bike, drove it home, and put it away for the winter.

In 1986 I had to sell it because two kids came along and I had no time to drive. It was disappointing but I had no choice. I have no photos of these previous bikes.

In 2002, sixteen years later the fever struck again, and I purchased another bike. This time it was an older one, a 1980 Honda Interstate. I knew my wife will not even get on it and there would not be any long trips so this would be fine for now.

For the last several years I have been attending the Wharf Rat Rally in Digby, Nova Scotia, now home to the biggest motorcycle rally in eastern Canada.
In 2011, I purchased another Goldwing, a 1985 gold 1200 Limited Edition and sold it in 2012 because it was a troublesome bike.
Here are some photos of the bike that I own now, a 1993 Goldwing 1500 SE that I purchased this year (2012).