My name is Richard Hubley. I have been building models since the age of 8. These included cars, trucks, and trains usually made of plastic. I also started buying Lego, mostly town sets, as there wasn't much around in Technic at that time in this area. I did manage to get 8 Technic sets including two big rigs (5580 & 5590). When I got married and had children, I packed the Lego away and model building almost stopped because I didn't have time for it. Later we moved and I gave all the models away due to no place to store them.

About 7 or 8 years ago I received a 59 Impala SS model kit for Christmas and this got me back into building models again. Since that my collection has grown to approximately 70 models of which I have won 3 times at model shows.

Shown here are a few of the models that were taken to shows and some of these have won second and third place finishes.

Last year I when I was off work on disability I dusted off my Lego and got hooked on it again still building town sets from my own imagination and getting more and more Lego, mostly bulk from ebay. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures. Then I had to figure out how to store all the pieces I have. I kept getting more and more Lego now my storage system is too small. With pieces sorted by color, shape, and size, I still cannot store all the pieces in the containers I have. A lot of pieces are still in plastic bags and tucked in drawers in my work desk. An up to date list of the sets in my collection of lego can be seen here.

Four months ago, I was searching the Internet for some different building ideas with Lego and found some sites where they build trucks and construction equipment in 1/13 scale. This really sparked my interest so I thought I would give it a try. Thus my new hobby began again.

If you see anything on this site that interests you or you have comments feel free to email me, maybe we can exchange ideas or images.

My email address is

Click here to find out what I do in the summer when I am not building with lego.