Modified Tractor

If you have seen my modified jeep which is on the recovery truck, then you know that I like to modify some of the technic kits. Like I have stated with the jeep, the kits are not my creations just the modifications. I usually like to stay with tehcnic parts, but with this one I have used some normal Lego pieces.

Here is a list of the modifications that were done:

The hood completely done.  
The front fenders removed.  
The exhaust changed to other side of engine.  
The engine and front frame filled in.  
The cab completely redone.  
The rear fenders completely changed.  
An extra light added to the top.  
The shifter for the rear shaft operation moved.  
Frame pieces changed for color coordination.  

The biggest and/or hardest modification was with the steering, making the steering wheel move with the front wheels. My biggest fear was that the steering wheel would turn the wrong way when turning the wheels with the little space I had to work with. I was very amazed when it worked the way it should.