Peterbilt with Freuhauf flat bed trailer

A friend of mine who builds plastic car and truck models has a Peterbilt truck in his collection. We often discuss and exchange ideas, parts, and pieces, have gone to model shows and competitions and are planning for another show this year in June2007. This is where I got the idea to create this truck in Lego.

This type of truck (“cab over engine”) slowly disappeared in the 80’s although a few can still be seen around here. Almost all of the trucks now are the “conventional” type which means the engine is in front under a hood. As far as I know there are no restrictions of length of tractor and trailer like in Europe.

The Truck

This is the easiest truck that I have built this far. Red was the color of choice since gray is generally used for the chrome and red is my most popular color. I started with the frame on it first; usually I build the cab parts first. The frame is straight from front to rear with crossmembers and supports in between. There are two fuel tanks one on each side, the left one has steps over it to get up and connect trailer hoses and light wiring. There is an air tank behind each fuel tank and two air tanks in front of the battery box which is located on the left side of the frame. It is equipped with two working rear differentials and a rotating driveshaft. Under the front is a straight axle with leaf springs and shocks. It is powered with a big v-eight diesel engine with dual mufflers and stacks up the back of the cab. The rear fenders are all one unit similar to the model which is all fiberglass on the real truck, so I could not get the exact shape because of the Lego pieces.

The cab is pretty straight forward and was easy to build. It is equipped with high back seats and a single bunk in rear. It has opening doors, roof lights, dual air horns, front sunviser, roof mounted air conditioner, air intake on roof which goes down through cab to the filter housing mounted on right side of frame, and streamlined outside rear view mirrors with cb antennas. It also has a huge front bumper with two driving lights.The cab also tilts forward to gain access to the engine and related parts.

The trailer

This trailer is the same one as seen on the International Eagle. It is just a straight forward forty foot flat bed Fruehauf trailer which is used mostly for hauling lumber, steel, and other materials that doesn’t need to be in a box type trailer. The tractor on the trailer is from kit 8284 which I have modified almost completely. The modified tractor can be seen here.