New Scania with Nooteboom Stepframe trailer

After a lot of searching for pictures and information on Scania's, I found this one to create. I really like the "T Series" trucks. They are not as round and streamlined like our American trucks. I understand these trucks are not built anymore and not used much because of the legal length of truck and trailer. Here in Canada, the "Cab over engine" design truck is very seldom seen anymore.

The Model

The next decision was what color to use. I first started off with red bottom and yellow top but so many models are made of these popular colors. The only other color I found with the amount of shapes that I needed was in green. Other shades of blue's and greens are not very popular and not too many of each shape.

The Tractor

I have already built a cab over Scania, so I could use the same design for this truck without the hump or tunnel through the center of the cab. The only other thing was to build a hood for the front of the truck which wasn't too difficult. The most difficult thing to build on this was the roof air spoiler because of the lack of pieces available to me in green. With the use of black pieces, this is what I came up with.

The chassis is the same as the other Scania, wider at the front than the rear which makes it a little harder to get everything mounted and look right. There is a V8 diesel engine at the front of the frame without moving pistons. Although my collection is growing, I don't have enough parts to make a working engine. It has a working rear differential which turns the driveshaft to the transmission. There is a cover over most of the frame from cab to the fifth wheel which hides both fuel tanks and everything else under there. Most of these trucks have the exhaust pipes underneath but this has dual stacks up the back of the cab.

As with my other trucks, I try to put as much detail into the interior as I can. It has a single bunk in the rear, a closet and storage space under the bunk. The cab is finished with high back bucket type seats, slightly curved dash, outside sun visor, opening doors and an array of roof lights. The hood also tilts forward to get at the engine compartment.

Stepframe Trailer

I am not very familiar with this type of trailer because most of the trailers here are of the flat bed and box or container types. There is the odd stepframe one around but I can't get close enough to it to get any details. With pictures and other information here is my version of the trailer.

I tried to find a suitable trailer for this truck and I decided on a Nooteboom stepframe type trailer and match the color of it to the truck. This trailer was difficult to build because it has three axles at the back, the first axle lifts and the back axle steers, the trailer is also extendable, and ramps, so called "double folders" at the very back of the trailer.

The front of the trailer gave me a little bit of trouble, to get strength in it so it wouldn't break or sag when set on the truck. Another was the legs to get them to raise and lower without compromising the strength of the trailer. I still can't get them to support the weight of the trailer.

The main floor wasn't too hard to build; it has a box type frame for the extendable part of the trailer and supports extending perpendicular to hold the floor. The front axle can be lifted with pneumatic cylinders mounted horizontally on the frame for when the trailer is empty. The back axle is force steered to help reduce tire wear.

The ramps at the back of the trailer were the most difficult. I wanted to make them adjustable for narrow or wide loads and at the same time make them removable. The cylinders will raise and lower the ramps and chains are used to hold them in the raised position.

Image that inspired me to build this truck


March - December 2006