Some of my modified technic kits are shown here: Note these models shown here are my own modified versions of the kit(s) numbers shown and not that of LEGO. The rest are built from scratch usually from a design that someone else has built, some have instructions, most don't.

Avtoros Shaman ATV

European Design Truck


Another American Truck

Technic Crane # 42009

Prinoth Leitwolf Snow Groomer

Road Grader

Peterbilt Tractor with Oversize Load Trailer and Pusher

Dump Truck from kit #8258

Elphinstone Easyloader Road Train

Articulated Hauler

Freightliner Tow Truck

An American truck with Low Loader trailer

An American truck with Reefer

Heavy Hauler with jeep dolly and low loader trailer with removable gooseneck

Scania with Step Frame Trailer

Five Axle Dump Truck

Monster truck

Remote Control Excavator

Remote Control Loader

Crane Truck from kit #8258

Tracked Dump Truck (MOC)

Cabover from kit # 8285

Tractor/Oil truck from kit # 8285-1

Extreme Off Roader 2 kit #8297

Another Towtruck from kit # 8285-1

Towtruck kit # 8285-1

Tractor kit # 8284

Technic kit # 8435