Technic kit # 8435

Note: This kit was not created by me just the modifications, maybe some day I may create one of my own.

Shown here is the kit that was demonstrated on the Volvo Recovery truck. After I've built a kit I like to see how far I can take it with modifications. To start I removed the winch from the front, the wrecker type winch from the rear, and the red lights from the roof. I try to stay with technic pieces as much as possible and use what I have in my collection.

The back or box is covered in with a black flip up cover and a step bumper added to the rear. The roof lights were replaced with off road driving lights. The pieces where the doors are were removed to give it a no doors affect. I've put a console cover between the seats and filled in around the dash to hide the engine from inside the cab.

The front frame was modified and inner fenders were installed to hide the engine when looking past the front tires. The front fenders are filled in and a hood scoop mounted on the hood.. Also the back of the cab was filled in to give a more of a back window look. The roof of the cab was filled in with a sunroof. The roll bar and roof light bar was also modified to fit the box cover and back of the cab where the original roof lights were. To give it a final touch it has a dual exhaust system installed underneath. I tried to make it a true 4x4 but this vehicle isn't big enough and I was missing a few pieces.