Semi-Tanker Trailer

Semi-Oil Tanker

I needed a trailer to go with my trucks so I got the idea to build a tanker trailer. Although these trailers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, this trailer is built from some pictures and from what I can remember of seeing these around this area. It is not built from any exact specifications.

After getting some more tires and wheels and some more brick, I was ready to start the trailer. I could not build it quite like a real tanker as the tank is usually the frame of the trailer. The shape of the tank, shape of the Lego brick, and the orientation of the brick wouldn't allow it, and also the strength wouldn't be there. So I had to put the tank on top of the frame. This way it puts the tank a little bit higher. The color of the trailer is made from the brick that I have on hand; I would have liked to build a chrome one but anyone that knows anything about Lego, there is not much in chrome.

The tank was a little bit harder to build because of the shape. I wanted to have smooth sides with no studs sticking up. With the use of sixty hinges I came up with this shape. Evert van Wichen has already built a similar trailer. I wanted the tank to be a little wider than the height, not perfectly round. With a lot of trial and error, I finally came up with this shape.

The ends of the tank are the same, so that meant I had to turn some bricks around to make this work. Where this tanker is so long, I had to put hinges and braces in the tank for strength and support. This makes the tank look like it is in three sections which worked out perfect.

The cabinet on the right side has the pipes and valves for each section of the tank for draining the liquids. The cabinet on the left side is for storage of separate product containers. The spare tire is mounted on the framework just ahead of the cabinets.

I decided to match this trailer up with my Scania (on another section of my web site) because the truck is also white and black in color. I think they make a nice combination.

Details of Tanker: